Women in SaaS Summit

Empowering female voices in SaaS to create change and inspire.

13 July, 2022

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Topics being discussed...

🤝 How to foster allyship and the positive impact this has on your workplace

👩 Enable women to become the best leaders they can be for SaaS success

🤰 Addressing no paid maternity leave for new mothers in the US to create change

💸 Learn how to identify your market value to negotiate a higher salary

⚖️ Create a hiring structure to remove prejudice and recruit the best talent


Our mission.

We’re bringing together influential SaaS leaders to discuss the female experience in the workplace, empower women and provide a platform to address some of the most pressing issues in SaaS to fight for diversity, equity and inclusivity.

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Women in sales: how do we make sales a more diverse sector? 13 July 2022, 07:30 PM
Joanna Kurylo Chart Brew, Advisor
The three “I”s: how identity, intersectionality, and inclusion contribute to a thriving workplace 13 July 2022, 01:45 PM
Melanie Walter Director, Enablement, Learning, & Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, ETQ
Panel discussion: enabling women to become the best leaders they can be 13 July 2022, 04:45 PM
Cherry Manrao, Jessie Miño, Alexandra Monks & Tanya Strauss
Building effective leadership teams during times of high growth 13 July 2022, 02:30 PM
Hope Horner CEO & Founder, Lemonlight

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Female leadership, fostering allyship and negotiating salaries? We've got it covered. With 15+ experts teaching you how to identify issues, boost your career, and diversify your business, you’re guaranteed to walk away with tons of new and proven tactics, strategies and ideas to make a measurable difference.


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1,000+ attendees, 15+ speakers the Women in SaaS Summit is an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate your brand's leadership and connect with our engaged global community. There's lots of ways we can work together - reach out below and let's collaborate. 


Ones to Watch in SaaS 2022

Through your nominations, some astute social listening, and our internal panel, we’ve compiled a list of THE ones to watch in 2022. 🙌

We want to introduce you to the trailblazers, the rising stars, and the champions of SaaS, who have all gone above and beyond for their respective callings.

Discover a stellar list brimming with SaaS expertise and exciting potential, from the likes of Drift, Dropbox, Hubspot, and more.


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